Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game

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Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Tower defense action where monkeys throw darts at balloons for fun

Monkeys Being Monkeys

For some reason, it seems that a high majority of entertainment consumed by the masses is comprised of videos of animals simply being animals. You can’t browse YouTube these days without stumbling upon clips of cats doing pointless things, tiny dogs doing really cute stuff, or monkeys simply being monkeys. But what about monkeys doing things that monkeys generally don’t get up to in the wild, such as throwing darts at successive waves of balloons ?  Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the latest in the hugely popular series that refuses to accept the lack of innovation which plagues your average tower defense game by allowing you to place monkeys around a maze-like level in order to pop as many balloons as possible. This is monkey-based tower defense, and it couldn’t be more entertaining.


As it always has been in NinjaKiwi’s successful tower defense series, the aim is to stop successive waves of advancing balloons by placing towers in strategic positions in each maze-like level of the game. You place each tower with your mouse and then simply watch as you discover if your defensive placements are sufficient enough to destroy all of the balloons. As you succeed in each level, you are awarded monkey coins that allow you to purchase different towers as well as different upgrades to each of these towers. These upgrades come in handy because there is also a variety of balloons that are increasingly difficult to pop which appear more frequently throughout the game. If you let balloons slip by, you lose one life per escaped balloon; if all of you lives are lost, you simply lose. In premise, the game is very simple, and also very silly in the best of ways.

Monkeys, Abilities, and Balloons

Tower defense games sometimes fall flat in the lack of upgrades they offer, but Bloons Tower Defense doesn’t suffer from this downfall. There are a variety of different types of tower such as sniper monkeys that can shoot further than your average ones, and a new addition in the form of a ninja monkey that can detect camouflaged balloons and if upgraded far enough can even pop lead balloons. The cost of each tower varies depending on the difficulty that you choose to play the game on, but no matter what choice you make, the addictive nature of wanting to discover which tower you can purchase next is undeniable. Upgrades to each of your towers can also be purchased, as well as the debutant special abilities such as the ‘super monkey fan club’ that are unique to each tower and temporarily enhance their performance. ‘Special Agents’ are also available for purchase such as the ‘Bloonsday Device’ which lets you temporarily control a beam that destroys all balloons that you target with it.

There is also a wide variety of balloon foe to contend with, from the standard ‘one-pop’ balloon, through to specially-coated balloons that require several hits to pop, and eventually ones such as lead balloons and ceramic balloons. With each level, the number of balloons increases as does the difficulty in destroying them: there are even ones that have acronyms as titles such as the tougher-than-tough MOAB (massive ornary air blimp), the BFB(brutal floating behemoth),  the next-level ZOMG, which as you can imagine from its title is quite a tough one to deal with. Look out for the re-growth balloon as well, which can heal itself if it is not dealt with quickly enough.

One of the Best

 If you are a fan of top-drawer tower defense games of the Kingdom Rush calibre, Bloons Tower Defense 5 is easily the best title in the series so far. With its new balloon additions, better performance on busier levels due to tweaked graphics, and the additional missions to keep you entertained for longer, you will probably be upgrading your towers and popping balloons for the foreseeable future.