Forge of Empires Game

Forge of Empires – An engaging game of real-time strategy that lets you take a tour of history

Through the Ages

The scope of the average real-time strategy game can often be described as ‘limited’. I say this because even though games such as Innogames’ Tribal Wars are quite entertaining and act as a perfectly playable example of the real-time strategy genre, these games are sometimes missing any noticeable elements that make them special, resulting in these kinds of games blending into the already-saturated genre of real-time strategy. Truly impressive innovations seem few and far between in this genre, but Forge of Empires manages to do what most other games rarely even attempt, which is to offer the player something a little bit different. Though it is a classic real-time strategy game at heart, Forge of Empires also incorporates turn-based battles, player-to-player interactivity, and also the ability to follow the path of history with its research-driven development of society across the centuries from Stone Age to the High Middle Ages.

Starting Out

Every player in Forge of Empires begins in a world of their choosing in the Stone Ages with nothing more than a small piece of land and the ability to construct a limited number of buildings. The aim is simply to lay the foundations of your city by firstly building houses in order to secure regular income for your civilisation, much like taxes in the real world. To ensure that your settlement has a constant supply of resources (which are required for building most structures on the buildings menu) you must also build some resource-production centres that regularly produce a player-determined number of resources over a set amount of time. Managing the supply of income and resources is an essential part of your town’s development in Forge of Empires, and it will put you in good standing to be able to afford other important features such as military buildings and decorations, with the latter being necessary to ensure that your population is kept happy. The happier your population, the more income and supplies that they will produce.

Researching through History

The progress of your city and the types of buildings that are available to you depend on the conducting of research in order to effectively invent new concepts and methods of production that your town can use to further its progress. On the research menu, you are able to spend ‘forge points’ on technological progress that follows a predetermined structure. You will invent the wheel in the Stone Age, research residential buildings such as Chalets in the Bronze age and go on to research concepts such as architecture and military tactics. The more research that you conduct, the wider the range of buildings that are available for you to construct: this allows you to eventually move forward into the next age of man once all the technological discoveries for the current era have been achieved. The ability to research your way to success and through history itself is a very appealing concept and one that makes Forge of Empires a unique browser-based experience.


Military Concerns

Success in Forge of Empires also depends on the management of your army, which you will need to defend your town from invaders (aka other players), invade surrounding provinces for the expansion of your empire, and also to exact revenge on players that attack and plunder your settlement. Technological research allows for training of better troops over time, starting with light melee such as spearfighters and moving on to well-trained soldiers in the Iron Age.

Invading the neighbouring provinces or battling with another player starts the battle scenario where you and your opponents are placed on opposite ends of the terrain and you engage in a turn-based skirmish where you are in complete control of the movements of your troops (or you can simply let the battle play out automatically if you wish). The level of control and the detail involved in the battles makes Forge of Empires superior to most real-time strategy games out there.

A Resounding Success

Forge of Empire’s attention to detail is its greatest strength. It gives you the ability to manage the day-to-day events in your town on the lowest level, balancing resource/income production with the happiness and number of your population. The ability to control the battles using a mixture of strategy and planning also adds another dimension to the game, and the need to conduct research through the ages to improve your technology gives the game the type of depth that other games rarely achieve. Everything is tied together with some beautiful graphics comprised of detailed animations and unique, varied models with smooth textures. Forge of Empires is an essential game that enriches the world of real-time strategy, and along with Kingdom Rush is one of the best examples of real-time strategy/tower defense on the internet.

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