Pokemon Showdown Browser Game

If battling Pokemon is your thing and the AI battles of the main-series Pokémon games aren't quite challenging enough, then Pokemon Showdown is going to have you giddy with joy. An online battle simulator, Pokémon Showdown allows you to engage in full-on Pokémon battles with trainers of all abilities over the internet.

Pokemon Showdown is likely to be the only online battle simulator for Pokémon that you'll ever need.

screenshot of Pokemon Showdown

If you're confident that not even the Elite Four of the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire can cause you the slightest of trouble in battle, then you're in the right place: Pokémon Showdown is for the serious battle-happy Pokémaniac. Though the game allows you to enter into battles with players of all abilities, you can also choose to fight with legendary Pokémon as well, and against trainers that really know what they're doing. Some of the features include:

· Forming your own Pokémon team to battle against other real-life trainers all across the world

· Selecting your team from a massive five generations of Pokémon

· The ability to battle in a dynamic fashion with legendary Pokémon from generations I to V

· A downloadable or browser-based client, depending on your preferences.

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