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If you've got your heart set on the pure battling action of Pokémon Stadium: World of Chaos but are a little stumped when it comes to whittling down your selection of Pokémon from the already-limited choice the game gives you, then this brief guide is littered with tips and information to get you on the right foot.

If you're struggling a little with Pokemon Stadium World of Chaos, then I've composed a few handy tips to guide you along the way

Starting Pokemon

These are the Pokémon that are available to you when you enter into a tournament. You cannot use all of them, but are instead asked to select six to take into the tournament with you (six is the usual limit you can carry in the main-series games as well as Pokémon Tower Defense Generations), and of this six you can only use 3 per battle. Thankfully you can make your selection after you are given the line-up of your opponent's Pokémon. This way you can at least make an informed decision when whittling down your choices to make your final battle team of 3.

Litwick - Ghost/Fire. Moves: Flame Burst; Shadow Punch; Confuse Ray; Smog

Spheal - Ice/Water. Moves: Ice Beam; Water Gun; Aqua Ring; Body Slam

Swadloon - Bug/Grass. Moves: Razor Leaf; Silver Wind; Sunny Day; Cut

Solrock - Rock/Psychic. Moves: Psybeam; Rollout; Solar Beam; Rock Polish

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These are the Pokemon available to you in the game. 9 out of 700+ may not seem like much, but you'll soon come to learn that careful selection to cover all type-matchups can lead to overwhelming victory for your party

Pidgeotto - Normal/Flying. Moves: Wing Attack; Flame Charge; Quick Attack; Roost

Gabite - Dragon/Ground. Moves: Dual Chop; Earth Power; Iron Head; Take Down

Magnemite - Electric/Steel. Moves: Spark; Magnet Bomb; Sonic Boom; Thunder Wave

Scraggy - Fighting/Dark. Moves: Force Palm; Faint Attack; Ice Punch; Bulk Up

Trubbish - Poison. Moves: Sludge; Giga Drain; Stockpile; Spit Up

Dual-Type Madness

As you can see from the above summary of the starting Pokémon available in Pokémon WoC, all but one are of the dual-type variety; this is not a coincidence. You're given this selection of Pokémon in order to have the opportunity to cover as many type-matchup bases as possible when selecting your 6-strong Pokémon team for each tournament level. It will be your initial choices, as well as the careful selection of the 3 you'll put into battle upon seeing your enemy's Pokémon, that will ultimately decide whether you succeed or fail, particularly in the later stages of the game.

You will also notice that there are no overlapping Pokémon types here; each one has types unique to itself in the context of this game. This again makes sure that you are given as much type coverage as possible when making your choices.

STAB Him! STAB Him Good!

Always remember that when attacking an opposing Pokémon - particularly if they are of a type that is weak to the type of your attacking Pokémon - that same-type attack bonus (STAB) applies here. This means that an attack is given a 50% (in the main-series games, anyhow; a similar inflation should still occur in WoC) boost in power if said attack is of the same type as your Pokémon. This means that if you're using Spheal (Ice/Water type) then using Ice Beam (an Ice-type move) will allow for same-type attack bonus.

Moreover, utilising this move against a Pokémon that's weak to the Ice type (such as Flying or Grass-type Pokémon) will cause utter devastation to your opponent and thus increase your chances of a swift victory.

Recommended Pokémon

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Gabite's a pretty solid choice for any tournament, though watch out if you're against ice or fellow dragon-types

There's no strictly wrong or right way to go about selecting your team for the tournaments in World of Chaos. Each Pokémon has a great spread of moves that are purposely chosen to give you a variety of different strategies when battling opposing Pokémon. There are a few that are better choices than others however.

Scraggy is probably one of the most useful Pokémon to have on your team in WoC. He is a Fighting/Dark type and therefore resistant to Rock, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks while being immune to attacks from Psychic Pokémon. Watch out for Fairy, Flying, and Fighting Pokémon however since he is weak to these types. Force Palm is a great fighting move that will devastate opponents, Feint attack is a great Dark-type move that he has, and the ace-up-the-sleeve here is Ice Punch, an attack that will eviscerate Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon types with ease. Its Shed Skin ability also allows him to self-heal from status afflictions.

Gabite is resistant to Poison, Rock, and Fire Pokémon as well as immune to Electric types; he is another awesome Pokémon that should be a recurring member of your team. His moves are all of the attacking variety; no purely status moves here! The Dragon-type move Dual-Chop is very powerful and will lay waste to other Dragon-type Pokémon as well as significantly damage most others. His Ground-type Earth Power move also gives him a good chance against Fire, Ground, Poison, and Rock-type Pokémon. Steel-type Iron Head is a good move as well, and Take Down can be your last resort as it damages you in the process.

Solrock has a good move spread. Psybeam is powerful for use against Fighting and Poison types, Rollout against Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug Pokémon, Grass against Water, Ground, and Rock Pokémon. He is resistant to Normal, Flying, Poison, Psychic, and Fire Pokémon but be careful as he is weak to Bug, Ghost, Water, Steel, Grass, and Dark Pokémon . Just switch him out if any of the latter set appear.

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