Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked Game

pokemon tower defense hacked

Pokémon Tower Defense Hacked – Original Pokémon Tower Defense action with some devilish, progress-boosting adjustments

It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s... Hacks!

I remember back in the day when there were only 151 magnificent Pokémon to capture and battle; oh those were the days, weren’t they? Before all of the additions and Pokémon designs that bordered on the embarrassing, there were magnificent, meaningful, and well-thought-out Pokémon that simply worked. The starters were brilliant, the legendaries were frankly immense, and no Pokémon since Mew or Mewtoe have ever even come close to the intricate back-story and sheer weight that the pre-generation II Pokémon carried. Developer Sam Otero was clearly aware of the greatness of the glory days of Pokémon when he made Pokémon Tower Defense, one of the most successful and popular tower defense titles ever to exist. All that training and levelling up is a bit of a chore though, isn’t it, particularly if you’re new to the whole Pokémon lark and want to own fearsome Pokémon sooner rather than later. Hacks to the rescue, my friends. Hacks to the rescue.

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