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This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Our old ideas and inclusions that preceded the game's release

Call it what you Will

“Kingdom Rush 2”, “Kingdom Rush: The Sequel”, ” Kingdom Rush: Frontiers”, or “when on earth is this game finally going to land?”: call it what you will, this spring looks to be the rough section of the 2013 calendar in which Ironhide Studios are going to lay down the sequel to the stylish, addictive, and insanely popular Kingdom Rush. Oh, and it’s definitely called Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, by the way. Labels feel like such a minor issue however considering the level of anticipation that the teaser trailer for the game has already sparked and also the widespread popularity of the original title. Add to this anticipation a series of tantalising leaks, speculation, and officially-released previews that are making fans of the game around the world salivate with expectation, and you have the ingredients for an epic sequel just waiting to be baked to perfection. To quell this anticipation, I have compiled a handy few paragraphs of information, speculation, and hopes for this long-delayed title.

Same Towers, New Upgrades

Let us start with the most important aspect of tower defense: the towers themselves. As fans will know, the original four towers are comprised of the enemy-slowing Barracks, the magic-wielding Wizard towers, the standard, projectile-shooting Archer towers and the explosive Artillery. Now, there has been shock and surprise at Ironhide’s decision to stick to the four base tower types in favour of introducing us to some new upgrades instead. This would ordinarily be an outrageous and loyalty-diminishing decision to make on part of the developers if only the original Kingdom Rush hadn’t proven to be so brilliant with this ‘limitation’ of four towers, and if only the upgrades didn’t look so massively appetising.

As far as we know, it looks as if there will be two new upgrades per tower type. The upgrades to the Archers towers will be able to transform into a Crossbow Fort that can be upgraded to shoot a constant stream of crossbow bolts and also have their range increased with the help of a falcon. The second new upgrade for the Archers tower is the Windwalker’s Totem from which axes are thrown with upgrades including long-lasting damage to enemies and magic-preventing spells. The Necromancer tower has created much excitement for myself: this upgrade will allow you to resurrect deceased foes in order to make them fight on your side. The new Archmage tower upgrade also offers some enemy-tracking magic. Expect big things from the Artillery towers in this sequel, with a Battle-Mecha T-200 acting like a deployable Terminator of the Kingdom Rush world, and an earthquake-inducing drilling weapon as the second upgrade. Barracks aren’t left out of the revamping either, with an Assassain’s Guild and a Knights Templar producing deadly assassins and sturdy knights respectively. The Necromancer upgrade alone was enough to hold my interest, with the rest of the new offerings simply upping the anticipation that much more.

New Heroes, New enemies

The heroes of the original Kingdom Rush were extremely helpful and were an essential ace-up-the-sleeve when things weren’t going so well. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers sees a return of a new set of heroes, but this time with the provision for upgrading their stats and improving their performance in the long term. Mirage the Assassin is a female warrior that possesses primary skills that (to name a few) improve her evasiveness, speed, and attack damage, as well a secondary skill that renders her invisible when inactive. Though Conan the Beastmaster is lacking in a secondary skill, he is able to perform actions like summon a rhino stampede or regenerate hit points, while Alric the Warrior can occasionally steal gold upon attacking the enemy and perform a flurry attack or summon helpful sand warrior.

The sneak-peaks currently available on the internet also show that Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will contain an entirely fresh set of enemies, with only two – the Shadow Archers and Bandits – making a return. New should include scorpions, giant bees, mummies, worms, and enemies native to the surrounding environment.

Though this is only a brief rundown of the heroes and enemies, it should already be clear that Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is already an improvement on the original and will offer an incredible amount of variation and incentive to continue playing.

(Request) Fast-forward button

While wild speculation can often lead to unconfirmed rumours, the act of simply hoping for a feature cannot do much harm. Even though the gameplay of the original was extremely entertaining, and the wonderful illustrations made the battles fun to watch, I would often find myself sitting and waiting for a wave to play out for a few minutes before being able to move on to the next round. The only thing that the original game was truly missing was a fast-forward button, a feature that would make Kingdom Rush: Frontiers a much more entertaining by simply including the option of quickening the pace a little for those that are confident in their battle formation.