Kingdom Rush Game

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Kingdom Rush – Addictive tower defense action with unique presentation


The gameplay of Kingdom Rush shares classic elements with most other top-quality games of the tower defense genre such as Bloons Tower Defense 5 or Incursion. Towers can be built on strategic points in order to maximise their effectiveness against the passing enemies, of which there are a certain number of waves per level; each level can in turn be played on three different unlockable difficulties, starting with the regular campaign and moving on to ‘Iron’ and ‘Heroic’ difficulties.

There are only four basic tower types: Archer Towers, Artillery, Mages Guild, and Barracks, with each of these possessing slightly different advantages to your defensive campaign. Archers, for example, have a higher rate of fire, and Mages Guilds have high-powered, armour-piercing capabilities. The Barracks tower is somewhat of an innovation as it is in contrast to the usual tower-defense norm of including mainly attacking towers; the Barracks towers serve the function of slowing enemies down. It is in the placement of your towers and your ability to upgrade them in a seemingly endless number of ways that Kingdom Rush differentiates itself from the tower defense norm.

Upgrades and Enemies

Even though there are only four base tower types, you are able to apply upgrades to your towers and also choose to transform each tower into one of two possible specialised towers such as Rangers, Arcane Wizards, and Paladins, resulting in a total of 8 tower types. You can also upgrade your towers with special abilities such as sniper shots, the ability to poison the enemy, and enemy teleportation. The range of upgrades makes the seemingly-meagre selection of four tower types seem much more generous and gives you reason to persevere with the game for longer than the average tower-defense title.

The range of enemies that you will be defending your kingdoms against is also remarkably generous. Ranging from the generic, dispensable goblins and moving up to more difficult enemies such as orcs and magic-possessing foes that make defending your land increasingly difficult as you make progress through the levels.

Graphics and Sound

The aesthetics of Kingdom Rush is definitely where the game stands out the most from the usual tower defense crowd. The illustrations for each level are superb and detailed on a level that is not often seen in flash games. Each tower, soldier, and type of enemy has its own unique animations and sound effects that are delightful and almost whimsical. The battle-cries of each tower that signify their completed construction are also a nice touch. As a result of the stylish illustrations impressive sounds, Kingdom Rush sets a light-hearted tone that almost feels like a comedy-medieval style with hints of fantasy, with the humorous elements reminiscent of ‘Horrible Histories’ in its delivery and comic effect.


Kingdom Rush from the mighty Ironhide Games is perhaps one of the most entertaining and fiendishly addictive tower defense titles in existence. The game does stick quite closely to the standard format of the genre, but it is in its provision for upgrades, its range of enemies, and its uniquely cartoonish style that the game edges ahead of its competitors.