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Pokémon Stadium World of Chaos – Gotta match ‘em all!

You know it stands for Pocket Monsters, right?

Do you remember playing Pokémon Stadium on the N64? If you’re wondering ‘What on earth is an N64?’ then the answer is probably no, and you just lost a tiny ounce of my respect. Don’t worry though…have you ever played a Pokémon game, seen Pokémon on TV, watched a Pokémon movie or played Pokémon Monopoly? Yes?? Excellent - read on!

Pokémon Stadium World of Chaos is very similar in style to the N64 game I mentioned before and also Pokémon Colosseum, which was on the Gamecube. You enter the theatre of conflict, a battle arena, and go head-to-head with other trainers and gym leaders. The winner of the battle will progress to the next round and eventually to the final, where the victor will win a trophy.

Choose your weapon(s)…

I’ve actually gotten ahead myself a bit. Let’s go back to the start. You are a Pokémon trainer, just like Ash or Misty, and you’re able to customise your own little avatar. Choose a trainer name and pick the colour of your hair and your clothes – and you’re good to go!

You’re heading to Black City Stadium, which you’re told is the best (and last) stadium left in the Unova region.  Just to put this into context, this region is from the Black and White Pokémon games, part of the Game Freak series, from a few years ago. This does sadly make World of Chaos a little outdated, or actually retro, depending on whether or not you're a "glass half full" kind of person.

This is a strategic game that requires some clever thinking. You get to pick six Pokémon for your “party” from a choice that includes the likes of Pidgeotto and Magnemite from the original 151, and also more modern Pokémon such as Spheal and Swadloon.

You’ll then get a sneak peak at your opponent’s choice of three Pokémon and you must tactically choose your own trio in order to give yourself an advantage, attacking the other’s weaknesses and hopefully coming out on top.

Fight fire with fire?

This is not a tactic I would recommend with World of Chaos or in fact any Pokémon game for that matter. Fight fire with water and water with electric and so on. You can find out the most effective combinations online, plus you’ll simply learn more and more as you play.

Pokémon Stadium World of Chaos will have you hooked for hours and even though the first tournament may seem a bit easy, you’ll unlock more challenging ones as you advance through the game.

Win cups, coins and plaques (the game’s equivalent of Xbox’s achievements or Playstation’s trophies) while you battle with your pocket monsters; learn more about Pokémon in the academy; and if you get a little bored with the tournaments, the guys at Super Stuff Productions have just the thing for you…

What? There are mini games too?

Yes there are! Two-player games too, so you can play side-by-side with a friend, one of you using the arrows and the other using the classic WSAD keys. But don’t worry. If you’re like me and you don’t have a friend by your side to play Pokémon mini games with you, then you can just play solo and ignore the other side of the screen. Or if  you’re really adventurous, try controlling both players by yourself.

The games include Machoke’s Pummel League, which is essentially a Pokémon version of Tetris – it’s worth going on World of Chaos just to play this mini game!

I choose you, World of Chaos!

The graphics aren’t the best and maybe they’ll be improved when the sequel has been developed, but for now I think it adds to the retro feel of the game. Additionally, the music and sound effects aren’t the greatest and will hopefully be updated in the future.

Nonetheless, Pokémon Stadium World of Chaos is a highly addictive game that will be adored by fans of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 and even Pokémon S.T.A.R Version, taking you back to your childhood and making you daydream again, thinking… ‘What if Pokémon actually existed?

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