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Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Game

Future Gazing to ensure an Amazing Sequel through the Listing of Ideas for Improvements We’d Like to See

Look at the Pokémon!

POK ÉMON. Yes, that’s right, Pokémon! Look at all the Pokémon with all their different types, colours, strengths, weaknesses and ridiculous speech that consists of them just saying their own names over and over! Pi-ka, Pi-ka, (and I think I know where this is going), Pi-ka-chu! It’s ok, I haven’t lost my mind, and contrary to what the previous sentences may lead you to believe, I am let’s say enthusiastic about pretty much all things Pokémon; not so much about the mystery dungeon spin-off games, though, which I feel are the gaming equivalent of watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, or equivalences aside, the developers are simply putting their middle fingers two inches from your face in the knowledge that they don’t even have to try and fans will still eat up any sub-standard drivel that they will release. You know what isn’t sub-standard in any way at all though? Pokémon Tower Defense 2, that’s what. A brilliant game mixing the genres of tower defense and Poké-RPG, I’m of the opinion that this constantly-evolving game will one day have a sequel, so here are a few naughty ideas concerning what we’d like to see in advance of this wonderful day.

Legacy Annoucement

Sam and Dan have now begun work on a third game in the series named PTD 3: Legacy. You can play the most recent version of the game here.

Play Pokemon Tower Defense 3

Play Pokemon Tower Defense 3

Generation Next

Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Game: Legacy is Being Developed

I’m someone that likes to look quite far into the future, so much so that I fail to see the car advancing swiftly towards me as I cross the road, but this is irrelevant; I’m actually referring to the next generation of Pokémon that will be upon us in October following the release of Pokémon X and Y. More specifically, I’m talking about the fact that it is Pokemon Tower Defense 3 that will need to house these creatures, since simply squeezing them into the currently jam-packed roster of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 and the comparatively outdated Johto region just wouldn’t work. New starters Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie would of course be the obvious choice, and seeing the new legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal  will also be a wonderful addition to the sequel to the tower defense sequel.

Regional Variation

Leading on from new Pokémon, it will be a smart move to move Pokémon Tower Defense 3 to a new region. In fact, it will be nice for it to move to the new region in Generation VI, namely the Kalos region. This star-shaped formation of land will be host to the new generation of Pokémon, and for continuity’s sake, Pokémon Tower Defense 3 would do well to keep up with current, since recent updates have already seen Pokémon Tower Defense 2 take us back to the past, ruling out or at least making foolish the idea of having the sequel also travel to the past as well. Moving forward has always been the way to go for games, particularly when the new generation of game that the aforementioned tower defense game is based on is going to be immensely popular.

Marts and Centres

We’ve been teased with the presence of the Pokémarts and Pokécentres in Pokémon Tower Defense 2 for a while, and they have only recently come into temporary use during the flashback storyline contained in this week’s recent update. More permanent use and functionality of these buildings would be nice throughout the region in Pokémon Tower Defense 3. Use of Pokécentres would also infer that Pokémon require healing, which would in turn mean a change in the battle mechanics of the game where HP doesn’t simply automatically regenerate between battles. This may be too much of a drastic change for Pokémon Tower Defense, but the best games are built on basic ideas, and this one is as basic as they come.

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