Pokemon Tower Defense 3: Legacy Game

Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Game

Future Gazing to ensure an Amazing Sequel through the Listing of Ideas for Improvements We’d Like to See

Look at the Pokémon!

POK ÉMON. Yes, that’s right, Pokémon! Look at all the Pokémon with all their different types, colours, strengths, weaknesses and ridiculous speech that consists of them just saying their own names over and over! Pi-ka, Pi-ka, (and I think I know where this is going), Pi-ka-chu! It’s ok, I haven’t lost my mind, and contrary to what the previous sentences may lead you to believe, I am let’s say enthusiastic about pretty much all things Pokémon; not so much about the mystery dungeon spin-off games, though, which I feel are the gaming equivalent of watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, or equivalences aside, the developers are simply putting their middle fingers two inches from your face in the knowledge that they don’t even have to try and fans will still eat up any sub-standard drivel that they will release. You know what isn’t sub-standard in any way at all though? Pokémon Tower Defense 2, that’s what. A brilliant game mixing the genres of tower defense and Poké-RPG, I’m of the opinion that this constantly-evolving game will one day have a sequel, so here are a few naughty ideas concerning what we’d like to see in advance of this wonderful day.

Legacy Annoucement

Sam and Dan have now begun work on a third game in the series named PTD 3: Legacy. You can play the most recent version of the game here.

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