PTD Hacked Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

Hacks: Purchases add money; Pokémon level up faster; One-hit capture of Pokémon

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Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked – Enhancing and improving the original catch-em-all experience

Causing and Curing Nostalgia

Back before the whole Xbox-Playstation rivalry and before graphics started to become so detailed and realistic that they make real life look a little fuzzy and blurred in comparison, Pokémon was rocking people’s worlds using comparatively primitive graphics and a concept that is as unchanging as the orbit of the earth around the sun. Pokémon Tower Defense has been around for a good while now but for those not accustomed to the ‘mon way of life, it is best described as the best Pokémon experience available outside of the main series of games, and that is including the many spin-offs such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (which are absolutely terrible games if you ask me). For die-hard fans of Pokémon, you are almost certainly familiar with the Pokémon Tower Defense way of life: it not only invokes nostalgia for a past time but also satisfies and calms the painful longing for better times with its identical look, music, and content, not to mention all of the original 151 Pokémon which to this day haven’t been surpassed in greatness. Pokémon Tower Defense is a fantastic incarnation of the official series through unofficial means and ways, so let’s look a little more closely at it.

Tower Defense in Pokémon Clothing

The tower defense genre is a pretty niche market, though games like Kingdom Rush have brought it to mainstream recognition of late: the same goes for Pokémon Tower Defense when it was first released. It is of course a tower defense game through and through: you acquire and train Pokémon by fighting battles against opposing towers, which are the Pokémon themselves. Different attacks (the Pokémon’s moves) are learned by training your Pokémon and gaining experience points through battle. The Pokémon level up in an identical fashion to the original and become stronger as they do so. Acquisition of new Pokémon can be achieved by wearing down an opposing Pokémon’s health and throwing a Pokéball at it in order to catch it, though again as in the original, this can only be done to wild Pokémon.

Everything about the Pokémon Tower Defense experience is loyal to the original game, from the levelling up/capturing/evolution progression/battles through to the very look and feel of the game. Everything is designed in an 8-bit style with the music of the original, all in a chiptune style that you don’t get very often in flash-based games. Of course there isn’t an epic main adventure but rather a Story Mode in which you battle various people/Pokémon and fulfil certain criteria in order to progress. Allusions to the Pokémon TV series and the original games are also rife in the dialogue and will have fans nodding in recognition at these moments on a regular basis.


This is obviously the hacked version of the game, so what does this mean for you as a player? Well, you’ve got one-hit capture of Pokémon so you don’t have to spend time wearing down their health. You’ve also got all purchases adding money and perhaps most importantly, an accelerated levelling up of your Pokémon. Each of these hacks simply makes the whole experience easier and more time-effective without detracting from the original in any way at all. In all, Pokémon Tower Defense is a fantastic game which paved the way for Pokémon Tower Defense 2: Generations, and deserves recognition for being the very first to bring us such a comprehensive Pokémon experience with all of the original 151. Many thanks to Sam and Dan for continuing to pour tonnes of effort into giving us the best browser-based Pokémon experience around.