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Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Game

pokemon tower defense 2 game

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – Defend your Pokémon towers and catch ‘em all this tower defense classic

Bringing More to the Table

While there are many attempts at fan-made Pokémon games out there ranging from flash-based adventures to Pokédexes and Pokémon Quizzes for the mobile market, very few have achieved as much success and notoriety as Sam and Dan’s Pokémon Tower Defense games. By taking the tried-and-tested format of tower defense and working almost every aspect of the Pokémon world into its boundaries, Sam Otero has managed to create a title with an appeal that outweighs that of most tower defense games or Pokémon games alone. Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is a continuation of the highly-popular original, and it brings a lot more to the table than its predecessor. You can expect new Pokémon, new adventures, and the ability to freely explore the environment as standard, as well as better-rounded Pokémon experience that true fans of the much-loved series can be proud of.

Play Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Play Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Towering Success

First of all, this game is Pokémon through and through, and manages to incorporate the addictive nature of catching and training Pokémon while wrapping it up in a neat little tower defense package. The tower defense aspect of the game can be seen in the battles, where each Pokémon acts as a tower that automatically uses one of four user-selected attacks automatically against any opponent Pokémon in range. In an identical fashion to the official Pokémon games, you can only carry and deploy up to 6 Pokémon at any one time, and in a liberal take on tower defense format, you are able to move your Pokémon about freely between active battle zones under normal circumstances,

Your Pokémon (towers) can be upgraded as in any self-respecting tower defense title, with these upgrades coming in the form of the increase in level of your Pokémon, the various moves learnt at different levels, and the evolving of your creatures in the same way as the main series of games.

It’s All Pokémon

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is completely loyal to the series on which it is based, since the game features a significant quantity of Pokémon from many of the game’s generations as well as the ability to catch them with Pokéballs once their health has been worn down far enough. Each Pokémon levels up by collecting experience points during battle and learns moves at the same level as they would in the main series of games. They also evolve at the same level as their main-game colleagues as well.

The battle mechanics of Pokémon Tower Defense 2, whilst being in the format of tower defense, are based on factors such as the level of the Pokémon, their various stats, and most importantly, the type of Pokémon that are fighting. The game keeps hold of the essential type-matchups of the original series, keeping fire weak to water, grass vulnerable to fire, and flying types very sensitive to any electrical or rock-type attacks. These battle mechanics are what make Pokémon so fun in the first place since they place an emphasis on employing careful mid-battle strategy as well your as extra-battle choice of Pokémon for your team. There is also a 1 vs 1 mode that allows you to go up against various Pokémon trainers in a nod to the gym battles of the Nintendo-based Pokémon games.

Community Spirit

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is unique in its sense of community that the game provides. Due to the fact that it receives regular story mode updates, the game never truly feels like it will become stale. New Pokémon (and therefore new towers) are added on a regular basis also, so the variety never seems to stop pouring in. The Pokécenter is another feature that allows players to go online and trade Pokémon with their fellow players, as well as allowing them to breed Pokémon to produce new creatures for their collection. If you check the developer’s blog, you will also be able to vote for and pick up a new shiny Pokémon each week as part of a generous Mystery Gift Pokémon giveaway.


When playing Pokémon Tower Defense 2, it can sometimes be easy to forget that you are actually playing a tower defense game even though it is the format in which all battles take place. There are so many Pokémon-centric features packed into the game that the whole thing feels like a throwback to Pokémon past. I’m definitely not saying this is a bad thing, however, since the game will entertain Pokémon fans and tower-defense enthusiasts alike.

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