Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Game

pokemon tower defense 2 game

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 – Defend your Pokémon towers and catch ‘em all this tower defense classic

Bringing More to the Table

While there are many attempts at fan-made Pokémon games out there ranging from flash-based adventures to Pokédexes and Pokémon Quizzes for the mobile market, very few have achieved as much success and notoriety as Sam and Dan’s Pokémon Tower Defense games. By taking the tried-and-tested format of tower defense and working almost every aspect of the Pokémon world into its boundaries, Sam Otero has managed to create a title with an appeal that outweighs that of most tower defense games or Pokémon games alone. Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is a continuation of the highly-popular original, and it brings a lot more to the table than its predecessor. You can expect new Pokémon, new adventures, and the ability to freely explore the environment as standard, as well as better-rounded Pokémon experience that true fans of the much-loved series can be proud of.

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